Queue Management

Grant your services with an organized, consistent structure across your entire customer service network by implementing tools that transform customer interactions into a more efficient, productive and pleasant experience.


The QM App will give your business complete operational control over the entire network of customer services delivery. It provides multiple methods of customer intake and their identification, control over the services provided at every service desk and tools to prioritize them according to customer flow demands. It also provides KPIs on service performance so your business can start with a solid base to achieve meaningful branch transformation.

Branch transformation starts here

Queue Management is the cornerstone for truly meaningful branch transformation. Not only does it take care of most of the operational part of any branch activity, effectively reducing Wait Times and helping to reduce time spent in each transaction, it will also provide the business with precious data and insights on service performance.

Complete control over operations

The QM app will give your business the tools to achieve complete operational control over your branch network. It provides multiple layers of access to settings and data, according to each resource’s needs. Define what services are made available at each branch, assign CSRs, create engaging Queueing Kiosk interfaces and informative Ticket Layouts, and what Service Desks are available at what time, given any day of the week.


Inline Experience comes with many channels for customers to get in touch with your business, and the services provided at its branches or stores. From the empowering freedom of an App to the ever-reliable self-service Queueing Kiosk and even a Greeter’s personalized touch, you can choose the most appropriate combination to better serve your customer base.

Know your customer

From Mobile App personal accounts, to magnetic or chip card readers, barcodes and biometrics at the Queueing Kiosk, Inline Xperience features customer identification methods in every customer entry channel. By capturing every interaction from the very start of the customer journey, you’ll lay down the foundation for understanding your customer’s habits, needs and desires.

Increase Staff Productivity

Enable the most efficient workload planning and distribution, reduce transaction times and increasing overall productivity, allowing your staff to deliver a more focused and personalized service experience.

Ready to Integrate

Our solutions are designed under the principle that there’s always room for improvement. Since their conception, we’re prepared our solutions to be ready to integrate with systems that are core to your business, bringing efficiency levels to new heights.

Next-gen capabilities

By applying some layers of artificial intelligence and other advanced algorithmics over the different types the collected data, the applicational core can also take care of many operational adjustments at the branch level completely on its own like routing customers to the most efficient resource given a specific type of service, matching your staff skillsets to customer’s needs.

Continuous Improvement

Make use of our powerful business analytics, gaining deep insight of your organization’s performance to consistently improve the quality of service delivery, throughout all your network of branches or stores.

Queue Management Plus

The QM+ module expands on the standard QM functionality, providing additional tools to setup a simple but powerful appointment system. Set up appointment services throughout your branch network, make them available to your customers in any channel and apply knowledge and insights to further improve customer service.

Appointment management

Empower your customers with the freedom to choose exactly when and where to interface with your business, while giving your professionals the ability toperform superior task and resource planning.

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Digital Signage

Every waiting minute represents the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers and start building a solid business relationship. How about converting that waiting into quality time? How about creating an experience that is both pleasurable and useful for the customer, and also an amazing communication opportunity for your business?

Incredible Customization

Personalize your layouts with the many customization features available, branding them with your own image and visual identity, implementing a uniform framework from which to deliver consistent communication and engaging content.

Engage & Entertain

Broadcast multimedia contents, making sure they will never get bored when waiting, and creating a pleasant and engaging experience that your customers will remember.

Spread the message

Optimize and deliver marketing content and institutional messages anywhere on your network’s broadcasting endpoints, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Make it yours

Personalize your layouts with the many incredible customization features available, branding them with your own image and visual identity, shaping appealing channels from which to deliver consistent engaging content.

Continuous Improvement

Get deep insight on the impact of communication, by integrating with other systems like queue management, footfall analytics, or 3rd party sales systems.

Unlock more revenue

Create marketing and advertising partnerships with other brands, taking full advantage of its customization and content scheduling capabilities.

Digital Signage Plus

The DS+ module expands on the standard DS functionality, providing additional tools to manage large coordinated campaigns and increase the impact of content distribution. Use all the Inline Experience customer touchpoints as a communication channel to efficiently convey your message and marketing materials.

Campaign Management

Create, upload, organize and distribute marketing campaigns, across your entire Digital Signage network, from anywhere on the world.

Intelligent Targeting

Use its powerful AI and advanced algorithms to target your customers with tailored messages and campaigns based on profile, demographics and other segmentation options.

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Feedback Surveys

Knowledge is power. Know how your customers rate the quality of service your business is providing, and use the power that comes from it to deliver continuous improvement to your customer's experience.


Our Feedback Surveys System allows customers to give immediate simple feedback (C-SAT, D-SAT, NPS) on how they perceive their service experiences, and enables your business to get consolidated detail on results and performance.

Listen closely

Reach out to customers and make use of the knowledge from their feedback to improve the service provided, always aiming at delivering a quality experience which is both efficient and stress free.

Make it yours

Personalize your surveys with the many incredible customization features available, branding them with your own image and visual identity, and adapting the survey content to best match your business's needs.

Engage & Promote

Distribute surveys to a multitude of device and web endpoints in the most convenient way for customers. You may even reward them with promotional offers, creating a pleasant and engaging experience that your customers will remember.

Integration Support

Integrate Feedback Survey results directly into core business systems, and other customer service solutions to get deeper insight on how service quality relates to performance and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

Make use of our powerful business analytics, gaining deep insight of your customers perception to consistently improve the quality of service delivery, throughout all your network of branches or stores.

Feedback Surveys Plus

The FS+ module adding the tools to create fully customizable surveys, expanding on the simple rating options provided in the standard FS app. This will allow the business to get detailed quality feedback on customers’ needs, desires and improvement suggestions.

Know more, do better

Fully customize your surveys, including many different Question-Answer formats, conditional inquiry’s and channel segmentation controls.

Connect and engage

Link survey results with actual customers and make use of your entire touchpoint network to deliver surveys and promotional offers.

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Using FF is the simplest way to know exactly how many people visit your store or service environment. It’s a flexible, non-intrusive tool that allows businesses to account and generate reports for the number of visitors in a determined store, up to the complete store network.

Maximize the Potential

Improve store layout planning, finding better product promotion strategies and helping maximize the shopping environment. Create and rollout more effective marketing campaigns, through deep analysis of customer affluence, distribution and flow.

Adjusting offer to demand

Determine the exact amount of resources needed to ensure you provide consistent high-quality service. Add an entire new analysis layer to your sales performance data, to get a clear picture on what are the best strategies to drive sales.

Reliable Data

Our Footfall solution achieves over 98% accuracy, adapts to all sorts of conditions and enables the production of quality analytics on customer arrival times, hotspots and store layout distribution throughout the day.

Scalability and Tuning

FF is a highly modular system allows the connection any number of modules needed to account for multiple and very wide entrances. Each counting area can be configured according to the situation: optimizing for crowds, compensating for reflections, monitoring queues, ignoring children or setting people to be counted depending on the path they take.

Real-time to Legacy Data

By having real-time customer affluence data, store managers can determine the exact amount of resources needed to ensure you provide consistent high-quality service; consolidating that data will help your business find new and better ways to drive revenue.

Integration Support

Integrate Footfall analytics directly into core business systems, and other customer service solutions to get deeper insight on results, and how they relate to service quality and efficiency.

Footfall Plus

The FF+ module allow getting deeper understanding of customer affluence, by adding hotspot analysis, customer tracking within the branch or store, and introducing AI-based cognitive services to add demographic segmentation as part the consolidated analysis.

Better aim, better business

Understanding customer affluence, behavior patterns and their distribution throughout the shopping environment will really help your business design better store layouts, promotional and marketing strategies, that will help increase sales and drive revenue.

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Kiosk Management

KM is a powerful and flexible management software, especially designed to monitor and maintain any size of Kiosk device network, from a centralized web access. It’s a fundamental tool to update kiosk functionality, interfaces and contents, and keep track of their modular and overall status, in real time.


By using the amazing power of the KM app to manage your entire estate of Kiosk devices, you’ll always be able to keep a close eye on status, perform maintenance operations, get real-time sales performance indicators and full access to transaction details through its incredible reporting capabilities.

Make it fast, keep it simple

Provide the fastest “in-and-out” access to simple, repetitive transactions, and apremium direct sales channel.

Diversify your offer

Diversify your contact channels, providing your customers with more autonomy and choice, through self-service functionality.

Get exactly what you need

Offer customers an engaging, technology-based touchpoint, capable of adapting to any business requirements, and deliver virtually limitless transaction capabilities.

Increase service performance

Enhance your human resource allocation, by automating tasks such as providing quality information, point of sale for products such as cards and vouchers, access to corporate account, invoice payments and service subscriptions.

Spread the message

Consistently deliver quality information and marketing messages, such as promotional campaigns and loyalty programs.

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Business Analyzer

A powerful tool that combines different information about the experience of your customer, allowing the continuous improvement of your business. BA is built around all the other independent, but very synergetic software applications that provide inputs from all the experience touchpoints. With this feedback, you can share information within your organization and get closer to your customer. Also, you can empower your staff to deliver much more personalized customer service.

The right analytics, all the time, anywhere!

The BA brings all collected and generated data to life, suggesting operational courses of action and pointing the way for strategic performance improvement. And since contextuality and mobility are not just important for customers, this powerful and flexible tool is supported by bleeding-edge technology which enables the same smooth and productive experience for all your business’ managers and representatives, in any browser enabled device, all the time, anywhere in the world!

The way for meaningful transformation

The BA provides an analysis layer over Big Data in order to humanize it, making it easy to interpret and grounding decision-making with valuable contextual information, leading to branch transformation that speaks directly to local customer needs and expectations.

Unlocking Maximum Potential

The Business Analyzer allows reaching the maximum potential of each Inline Experience app, compiling and consolidating the data produced by each, so you can get a real grasp on key performance indicators (KPI) and customer behavior patterns. It allows the creation of report templates, with customizable detail levels and the visual support of tables and graphs.

Organized Reports

Say goodbye to scattered information and reports put together in the last minute - your management will be able to use all the time they save to focus on other aspects of business productivity! According to what managers define, reports can be automatically generated and sent to multiple recipients, facilitating information sharing and distribution.

Pivot Table

To get even deeper insight on your organization, the Business Analyzer includes a powerful Pivot Table feature, enabling the cross-referencing of all system metrics produced by Inline solutions, with complete filtering option so you can customize access to the exact data your business needs.

Simulator & Predictive Models

This powerful software suite can even predict customer flows and simulate the impact of adjusting system variables such as opening or closing more service counters, rearrangements to resource allocation or making slight changes to the priority algorithm, so managers can always make sure that service operations are fully optimized.

Open Framework

The more data sources are passed on to the analytical engine, the more quality and detail can be added to the BI produced. For that reason, INLINEXPERIENCE offers an open API framework ready to integrate with even more systems that provide additional data layers, or to export and publish BI and BA to tools and interfaces that your business already has in place.

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Mobile App

An additional modular channel that can be applied transversally to all other Inline Experience apps, allowing customers to choose the most convenient way to get service, reducing their wait time to an absolute minimum and making transactions more efficient.


The ability to book a specific date and time, the inherent mobility of the app, enabling access to services anytime, anywhere, and the amazing savings in precious time, are some of the greatest advantages this module offers to your customers. It also allows delivery of targeted marketing content and campaigns, and can collect customer feedback after service transactions.

The power to choose

Allow your customers to plan ahead and choose the most convenient way to get service, quickly finding branches and their services, check queue status, reserve a place in queue or even schedule an appointment through the Inline Experience mobile app.

More time, more freedom

Free customers from having to wait in a physical line, allowing them to make the best use of their time and keeping them informed of their queue or appointment status every step of the way with Inline Experience’s powerful notification system.

Get more facetime

Deliver engaging content tailored for each customer using the app, using it as an additional marketing channel. Being such a personal medium, it holds incredible value in getting your message across to customers in key interaction moments, stirring up opportunities to expand business on their next visit!

Know what customers are thinking

The Mobile App also features Survey delivery after any transaction directly on your customers’ device. In many cases, this is the most efficient way to get quality feedback for customers, and you can even send rewards and promotional codes after a successful review.

Integration Ready

Inline Experience’s open framework allows the MA services to be integrated directly on your business’ pre-existing corporate app, consolidating communication and making life much simpler for customers.

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